Arriba! Cubana is officially Sheffield’s answer to a one-night all inclusive getaway. With the authentic setting, the mouth-watering Tapas, and the lively entertainment you forget that outside is just a quiet, cold road in Sheffield city centre.

I’m not the only one raving about it; Cubana has received a number of awards including Westside magazines ‘Best night out of 2010’. It’s a restaurant and late bar, making it perfect for any occasion. Located on the quiet trippet lane in the centre this place is a hidden gem.


As soon as I stepped through the door the friendly staff shimmied around tending to my every need. The menu was reasonably priced, working out at around £13 per person, and the drinks were even similar to most ‘weekend’ prices depending on your choice of tipple. As the night goes on and the meal comes to an end the staff then encourage you to take to the floor for a taste of Latin-salsa dancing. After trying to avoid it for at least an hour I realised that I was the odd one out by not joining in as everybody took to the floor like it was part of the meal. Though it was clear there was a few regulars there with moves that would challenge Ricky Martin, the atmosphere was completely laid back fun. Some knew what they were doing others were just being whipped around by the staff.

For you singletons attending, have no fear. Though the dancing is mainly couples based the floor is filled with a mixture of people all just having a good time. There are professional Salsa dancers walking around making sure you get to dance…if you want too.

Cubana’s isn’t just for the weekend; there are live music events and salsa lessons running throughout the week. Happy Tapas hour runs from 5:30 till 6:30 (for those on a small budget) and you are welcomed to stay as long as you like. It’s a place for everyone and an enjoyable change from ‘boing boinging’ at the standard student nights. Viva la Cubana!

Rating: 8/10    

Best for:  Dates, Night out with a group of friends.