A DJ who has played alongside some of the biggest names in music has spoken of his love for Sheffield and its passion for music.

Doc Jnr., who performs weekly at the city’s Players Sports Bar and the Steelhouse, holds the musical taste of his Steel City audience in high regard.

”I love the mix of people in Sheffield. As a city it’s very musically educated and people tend to be on the new tunes early.”

Doc Jnr. prefers to keep his real name a secret professionally but the story behind his stage name offers some insight into his true identity.

”My surname’s similar to a famous cowboy who ran with Billy the Kid called Doc Holiday. My Dad’s friends called him ‘Doc’ because of this so I became ‘Doc Jnr’, now you know the secret!”

Doc Jnr. has performed alongside some of the biggest names in music

Doc Jnr. has performed alongside some of the biggest names in music

Born in Salisbury, Doc Jnr. has lived most of his life abroad due to his father’s work commitments, before moving to Hull and then on to Newcastle where he currently resides.

Although English-born, his love for DJing emerged in a youth club basement in Germany.

”DJing came into my life because of my love and intrigue for music. At 14, me and my friend saved up and bought a small sound module that had about 50 pre-programmed beats.”

”After messing with this we wanted to make remixes of tunes that we liked. We approached the youth club in our area to let us use the equipment and this was where my love for DJing was born.”

With a residency at venues in York, Hull and Sheffield, as well as guest spots around the country and in Europe, Doc Jnr.’s lifestyle is extremely frantic.

”I DJ at my gigs and I spend most of my spare time making mixes for podcasts, websites, club nights, radio and just for fun. Just about everything I do is connected with music, I live for this!”

The hard work has not been without its rewards however as the calibre of the artists he has gigged alongside would certainly suggest.

”Some of my favourite gigs were supporting Ne-Yo, Coolio and Ja Rule. Coolio was so busy I almost lost my mind with claustrophobia.”

”Ja Rule was funny because me and the other DJ’s got rumbled tearing up his buffet. Priceless!”

Doc Jnr. appreciates a wide range of musical genres and acknowledges the importance in his profession of catering to everybody’s tastes and also the need to move with the times.

”I like many types of music but I mainly play across the whole urban dance and pop spectrum in the clubs. You’ve got to try to play something for everyone these days.”

”The music scene is always changing and evolving. If you don’t roll with it and find something you like about current music you can start to hold on to the past and resent the future.”

Doc Jnr. believes that failing to embrace new music as a DJ will be reflected in your track selection in the clubs.

He also has advice for any budding DJs wanting to get started in the industry.

”If you love music, have unfailing self-motivation, thick skin and a lot of patience you’ll be fine!”

Doc Jnr. next appears in Sheffield at Players this Friday (25th February) and at both Players and the Steelhouse on Tuesday 1st March.

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