Sheffield welcomed Usher to the Motorpoint arena yesterday for part of his worldwide ‘OMG’ tour. Screaming fans came from all over the UK to see the American R&B artist strut his stuff on stage. Amongst those fans was Sophie Broadbent, 14, who was lucky enough to meet the man himself.
“I waited at the gates from 9 this morning! I’ve met bands before by waiting there because they often come and sign things before they go in to soundcheck. I’ve met McFly and Girls Aloud before but no-one as well known as Usher.”
“He came out with a big group of men all in big coats, and I didn’t even recognise him at first because he was in the middle but as he started to walk over I’m sure my heart stopped I was that excited!”
Not only did Sophie fufill her dreams by meeting him, Usher was disgusted to find out Sophie’s original tickets were from a company that had gone into liquidisation and never provided her with anything valid.
“I told him how excited I was to meet him because I couldn’t go to the show tonight and see him perform, he told me to wait at the gates after he had gone and his body guard would come and talk to us.”

After Usher had gone in to sound-check Sophie’s luck turned around. Usher had told his body guard to take Sophie and her two friends name’s to put them on the guest list and provide backstage passes for after the concert.
“I didn’t want to believe it at first because of my bad luck so far, especailly when I first went to the box office and they had nothing under my name. I was shaking so much I could barely talk to anyone. When the doors opended and they started letting people in I went back to the box office to check one last time, but this time the woman came back with an envelope with my name on, I couldn’t believe I was actually going to his concert!”
I ‘caught up’ with a breathless Sophie after the concert to see what she thought, though I couldn’t get much other than a few croaks from her obviously screamed-out voice she managed: “Best…night…of my life”
It seems like not only did Usher please over 12,000 people last night, he won Sophie’s heart and gave her a night she’ll never forget.