Anybody who has been watching “Jamie’s Dream School” on channel 4 will have an opinion on the success of the scheme already.

The idea is that Jamie Oliver, famous for his culinary skills, takes on 20 pupils who have failed to achieve 5 grade C’s and above in their GCSE’s.

In each episode, Jamie introduces the teenagers to various inspirational people such as Ellen Macarthur, Rolf Harris and Sheffield Hallam chancellor, Lord Robert Winston. However, Wednesday’s episode sparked much controversy when historian, David Starkey tried to teach the children by lecturing them.

Starkey, who clearly has no previous experience working with underachieving students, managed to insult the whole of the class, and belittle students individually. He began his lecture with the comment “you are all here because you have failed.” Not surprisingly the student’s attention began to wander and eyebrows were raised.

On realising he hadn’t got the class’s full attention, he resorted to personal insults, saying to one boy “come on, you’re so fat you couldn’t really move.” Let’s not forget that Starkey is working with teenagers with low self-esteem and zero motivation. In high school, such a comment is enough to break a person’s image of themselves.

But he didn’t stop there, Starkey continued to torment the boy with comments such as “Poor lad has got a problem. With Jamie’s food, there’ll be lots of dieting opportunities.”

The Guardian described him as a “bigot and a bully,” and here at SHUSH we couldn’t agree more. If you’ve been watching though, you’ll have noted the success of Lord Winston’s class. Well done Rob, we’re proud of you!

Jamie’s Dream School is on every Wednesday at 9pm.