The Stand, an indie rock and roll band from Buxton, Derbyshire are due to perform at ‘the most famous club in the world’, realising a lifelong dream for lead singer Ged Potts.

The band play at The Cavern Club in Liverpool on Friday 25th March as part of the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary since The Beatles first performed there.

Already established in their hometown, regularly taking coaches full of supporters to gigs, The Stand have been making inroads into the music scenes of Manchester, Sheffield and now Liverpool.

Lead singer and founding member alongside former guitarist Gary Pritchard, Ged Potts, 32, is understandably delighted at the chance to play at The Cavern.

”Playing The Cavern is something I’ve had my sights set on for a while, I’m really looking forward to it. Maybe I just never thought I personally would ever get the chance to play at the most popular music club in the world.”

The Stand, formed in 2008, are a four-piece, comprising of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Ged, drummer Jon Stone and guitarists Mark Whibberley and Charlie Willcox.

Buxton band The Stand

Lead singer Ged Potts (left), Jon Stone on drums, lead guitarist Charlie Willcox (centre) and bass guitarist Mark Whibberley (right).

The original line-up also included Rick Cox on bass guitar, Jon joined as drummer some nine months later after meeting former member Gary on a night out.

Jon, 20, started drumming at secondary school and is still grateful to his former headteacher at Buxton Community School, Alan Kelly, for his help with drum lessons.

”Mr. Kelly is an amazing man, he taught me everything about the kit. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have discovered my hidden talent.”

The Stand's drummer Jon Stone

The Stand's drummer Jon Stone.

Bass guitarist Mark, 36, joined The Stand having previously played in a covers band with Ged and has an active role in promoting the band as well as performing.

”My other role within the band is like a manager, a spokesperson. I get most of the gigs around Manchester and Liverpool, networking with promoters, venue owners, organisers etc.”

”I also get our music on iTunes and I run our pages on sites like MySpace. I usually drive the band and gear to gigs as well.”

Bass guitarist Mark Whibberley

Mark Whibberley on bass guitar who also plays a key role in the management of the band.

The youngest member Charlie, 19, joined the band around three months ago and has his own idea why the band have built up such a following.

”I think with all our influences mixed together we create a sound where you can’t just sit there and watch. You want to be in the crowd singing along, especially after a few!”

”I think we put on a good show which is important if people are paying to see you.”

The Stand were winners of the Band In A Box competition at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge in January, winning a photo and video profile shoot in Liverpool.

Their track Raise A Flag, a tribute to troops in warzones all over the world, is available on iTunes at 79p with all proceeds going to the Help For Heroes charity.

The band members all have jobs outside of The Stand, Ged and Mark are both painter and decorators, Jon is an industrial cleaner at a quarry, and Charlie works at WHSmith.

Currently juggling band practice and gigging with their daily jobs, The Stand are eager to return to the studio in the near future.

”We have about twelve songs at the moment,” said Ged. ”We all work together to get the best out of each song.”

”We are currently working on new material which we are all excited about and hopefully we will get back in the studio very soon to record a new album.”

Lead singer Ged at the Roadhouse, Manchester

Lead singer Ged at the Roadhouse, Manchester.

The band practice at least twice a week with Oasis high on a list of musical influences, and they are hopeful that a record deal is close.

”We’ve definitely got that feeling of a big breakthrough coming soon,” said Jon. ”It’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.”

The Stand performing at the Mardi Gras Ball at the Octagon in Buxton's Pavilion Gardens

The Stand performing at the Mardi Gras Ball at the Octagon in Buxton's Pavilion Gardens.

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