Coronation Street actor Steve Huison, who plays Eddie Windass in the soap, has denied press suggestions describing how disappointed he is to be moving on.
Leeds-born Huison, 47, is set to leave his role as scruffy taxi driver Eddie after almost two-and-a-half years on the Street.
”There’s elements of the press who like to overdramatise it and talk about how gutted I am. That’s not true.”
”Obviously I’ll miss the regular paycheck for a bit but I will adapt. I’m used to temporary work, this has been the longest job I’ve had in my life.”

Actor Steve Huison

Huison has also starred in Casualty, Heartbeat and The Royle Family (photo courtesy of Mike Kilyon)

Huison, also a star in hit film The Full Monty, however paid tribute to those behind the scenes on the programme and admits that Eddie was a fun role to take on.
”The crew have been excellent, one of the best I’ve ever worked with. As for Eddie, he’s been a very enjoyable character to play.”
”There has been a nice bit of freedom, you can get right down to the bottom of the barrel with Eddie!”
Portraits of Huison’s Coronation Street co-stars, drawn by himself, were recently auctioned at the Contemporary Six Gallery in Manchester’s Royal Exchange Arcade.
The auction raised money for the ‘Hospital to Home’ project which Huison’s theatre company Shoestring Forum have run since 2004.
The project is run at the Airedale Hospital Psychiatric Unit, West Yorkshire and aims to give confidence and enjoyment to the patients through drama and music.
As the patients are being discharged, they are then given the opportunity to attend similar sessions in the community each week.
The NHS have funded the charitable project for the past four years but will no longer be able to do so.
”We’re not a registered charity and it costs £20,000 a year to keep the project running,” said Huison. ”There’s no more funding so we’re trying to raise the money, so far we’ve managed £6,000.”
The twenty portraits all sold at the auction with Boyzone star Keith Duffy, Ciaran McCarthy in the soap, buying his own for around £700.
The price at which Duffy’s portrait sold was the highest on the night with the Irishman interrupting his tour with Boyzone to be at the event.
In Huison’s time on Coronation Street his character has been involved in a number of significant storylines.
These include his on-screen son Gary (Mikey North) returning from serving in the army in Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing his best friend’s death.
Currently, Eddie and wife Anna (Debbie Rush) are involved in an adoption storyline and Huison believes that soaps are naturally limited in their portrayal of such issues.
”You know there’s a few million watching who might be going through the same thing but audiences always want more. Soaps very rarely do that, they work on such a fast level that it’s more like a comic strip.”
”Before you know it in a soap, the story is over. You try to base the issues in fact and reality and just say the words as truthfully as possible.”

Listen to Steve talking about his characters from Coronation Street and The Full Monty

Shoestring Forum who run the Hospital to Home project