English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has condemned a judge’s decision to fine a man just £50 for burning poppies at an Armistice Day event.
Muslim extremist Emdadur Choudhury, 26, was given the fine at Woolwich Crown Court by District Judge Howard Riddle on March 7th.
”It sums up our justice system that I could get a bigger fine for dropping litter,” said Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. ”I can’t work out what the judge was thinking, it’s a joke.”
”I would reapply treason here. The government can’t get a grip, they need to stop this complete obliteration of this country’s way of life.”
Choudhury set fire to two large plastic poppies during a two-minute silence at the end of a march in honour of British armed forces on November 11th.
A member of Muslims Against Crusades, Choudhury was found guilty under Section 5 of the Public Order Act for ‘using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour that could cause harassment, alarm or distress.’

The EDL, a street protest movement, was formed in Luton in 2009 with many reports claiming it is based around football hooliganism.
EDL leader Robinson, 28, said: ”When we were in Birmingham when an 11-year-old kid was converted to Islam, we were attacked by around 500 Muslims. There were twenty Muslims jumping on young kids’ heads.”
”The only lads who were willing to protest seemed to fit the stereotype of a football hooligan so that’s the way it went with that link.”

The EDL, who strongly oppose ‘militant Islam’ and ‘the spread of Sharia law’ in the UK, held a demonstration in Rochdale on March 5th with some reports claiming police costs amounted to between £200,000 and £300,000.
The Unite Against Fascism group, who are strongly opposed to the EDL, were also protesting at this event and the two groups were kept apart by police with 31 arrests made.
Robinson believes that the reported police costs are minute in comparison to what he believes the Islamic month of Ramadan costs the UK’s health service.
”The figures are peanuts. Muslim fasting cripples the NHS, there’s health centres being opened for it.”
”The muslim extremists in this country who want to blow us up are costing far more than that to watch. It costs us £2.5billion to monitor these maniacs.”
Discussing recent reports that the EDL could become a political party, Robinson said that they would be remaining a street protest movement.
”We’ve been in talks with politically minded people. We won’t become a political party but there might be a united front to run alongside us.”
The EDL are set to demonstrate in Blackburn on Saturday 2nd April with Robinson stating that ‘the only way to do this (demonstration) is peacefully.’
”I get worried before every demonstration. I’ve had family members abused by Muslim gangs but it is important to channel the anger in the right way.”
”Islam is contrary to British hate law, it promotes homophobia yet there’s nearly 40 mosques in Blackburn. Where does it stop?”
”We get more people supporting us every time we have a demo. We’ll do everything we can to make the Blackburn demo peaceful.”