Bieber Fever hit Sheffield at the Motorpoint arena last week bringing teenage histeria with it. Justin Bieber performed to a sell out crowd of young fans and reluctant parents making it a night to remember. For one fan however this was a night to remember for the worng reasons as she was accused of throwing a missile at the stage when it was in fact a stuffed bear.
Bridie Moulds, 13 from Rotherham, threw a teddy bear onto the stage which then hit Biebers leg causing him to trip. Justin Bieber’s security team immediatly radioed threw that a missile had been thrown at the stage and the person in question was to be evicted from the building.

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The teenager said: “I bought the teddy for him, I put a picture of me and my friend wearing Justin Bieber t-shirts inside”

Show sec, the security team who were running the event were told by Bieber’s security to evict the teenager, however they attempted to save her night by offering a different area to sit in away from the floor.
A spokesperson for Show sec said: “We could see it wasn’t a missile and I think they could after the intial throw. She was only young and we didn’t want her to miss out on the whole performance so we offered her a seat on the tiered section.”

Devastated, Bridie rang her parents to come and collect her. The teenagers father, Chris said: “I’m disgusted at how my daughter was treated. She is only 13 with a teenage crush and to be told to move because she had thrown a teddy!”

The arena has since offered Bridie a signed picture of the singer and a full refund for the tickets. A spokesperson for the arena said: “We are happy to offer a full refund due to what it seems like a huge misunderstanding between security teams. Show sec run our events because of their excellent reputation with crowd management. They are told to follow the orders of the performer’s security which is always in the best interest of the act itself.”

Fully refunded and one signed picture ahead of her friends Bridie is said to still be a belieber.