To many people, the chance to go on a programme such as ITV1’s The X Factor, and expose yourself to millions of people would be a dream opportunity, however Sheffield-based Adam Heyes says he is “happy” to be away from that.

A relative newcomer to the Sheffield club and bar scene, Heyes has been doing amateur karaoke for the past nine or ten years, but has finally decided to go to the next step, after many people told him he should further his prospects.

“People have said for a long time that I should further it; get a band and do some acoustics. I’m just starting out, but hopefully I’ll have a long and fruitful career ahead of me,” he said.

Adam has recently been doing gigs at local Sheffield bars including the Devonshire Cat, West Street Live and Dempsey’s, and through meeting an event organiser in Sheffield, Warren Peace, has been put in contact with various people in a bid to further his career.

Listen to Adam speaking to me about his current plans, and his prospects for the future below:

However, this isn’t the first time that Adam has tried to crack the music scene, with his 2004 X Factor audition resulting in rejection.

He explains to me that looking back; the lifestyle of an X Factor winner isn’t where he would like to see himself now.

“Generally speaking, winners of programmes like The X Factor don’t go very far. A lot of them end up where I am now, which is just at the beginning! Everyone would be looking at me thinking, ‘oh there’s that loser from that reality TV show’, rather than taking note of what I’m doing and thinking, ‘he’s actually quite good!’.”

Building a fanbase is also of great importance to Adam, and his recent Youtube uploads alongside friend and guitarist, Tommy Jones, have garnered over 500 views on word of mouth alone.

“Right now, I’m happy with working my way up, and I guess in a way I’ve cut out the ‘middle man’ with not going via reality TV!

“I could never go back there again anyway… everyone says I look and sound exactly like Matt Cardle [X Factor 2010 winner], so I would always have to live up to that if I got on there now!”

Songs that Adam has been covering at these shows, and online, include Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes, Britney Spears’ Toxic, Jay Brannan’s Housewife and Bruno Mars’ recent UK number one, Just the Way You Are.

Listen to Adam cover Just the Way You Are below: