As a well-renowned figure in the modelling world, Amanda Harrington is now helping other girls in their quest to make it big in the business.
Running her own modelling school, Harrington passes on her techniques and know-how to her aspiring students as they look to carve out a career in a notoriously difficult industry.
’’We do the course to get the girls the best possible coaching and to give them the knowledge they need to be successful models,‘‘ she said. ’’I show them how to pose, how to best look after their skin and I give them help and advice with their make-up as well.’’
’’A lot of it is also about giving the girls confidence in themselves. They might not have much experience of modelling and might not be sure what to do in certain situations so I help them with that.’’

Liverpool model Amanda Harrington

Liverpool-born Harrington, 29, has an impressive array of accolades to her name, including appearances on the front cover of magazines such as Ice, Zoo and Lifestyle Monthly, to name but three.
She has also featured in shoots for the likes of La Senza, Marks & Spencer and Maxim, while becoming the face of Formula 1 in Germany in 2008.
Her career so far has also taken her to America where she featured on the popular television programme ‘The Girls of the Playboy Mansion’ after being invited personally by Hugh Hefner.
’’When I was in America it was hard at first being there on my own. After a week though it was easier because I knew people and it was a really good experience, I enjoyed being there.’’
’’(BBC Three programme) Glamour Girls came over to film me for a number of weeks one of the times I was there and the whole experience in America, with the Playboy Mansion as well, was amazing. It’s every girl’s dream and a once in a lifetime kind of thing.’’
Amanda says she found Hefner to be ‘very down to earth’ and ‘very grateful for everything he has’.
Releasing her own calendars in 2006, 2008 and 2011, Amanda also writes her own column for the Liverpool Echo where she discusses the latest fashion styles and her own ’loves and hates’.
Voted in the top three in JuiceFM’s ‘most stylish Scouser’ award in November 2010 (previous recipients include Alex Curran and Abigail Clancy), Amanda lists Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian as inspirational figures to her.
Amanda’s modelling career began after one of her friends sent in her photos to magazines and the mother-of-one explains the good and the bad sides of the industry.
’’There’s a lot of perks, a lot of nice free gifts when people want you to promote their brand. When the spotlight is on you though people want to bring you down.’’

’’People can get jealous but you have to deal with the good and the bad. Any time I see girls happy from my course or when I make it on to a front cover – they’re the proudest moments for me.’’
’’Being a mother in this industry can be difficult but I manage to work around it now. There’s people who help me out there so thankfully it’s not that difficult anymore.’’

Amanda on the September 2006 front cover of Ice Magazine

Dane Bowers’ 2010 music video ‘All She Needs’ which features Amanda

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