As the royal wedding finally arrived on Friday, cities across Britain began their celebrations including Sheffield. Many neighbourhoods took the opportunity to hold an old fashioned street party, and the city centre held its own version in the area of Devonshire Green.

A stall merchant giving customers a royal welcome

The event began at 11 o’clock where The Common room projected the ceremony onto a big screen for everyone to watch. Though the outdoor street stalls were ready from the beginning, the city was almost silent during the televised part of the wedding. As soon as the wedding finished the streets filled with people of all ages, one of which was Samantha Barnes, a student studying at Sheffield from London.

Samantha Barnes showing her support for the bride

“I don’t follow them [the Royals] religiously, but something like this it’s something to look forward to that our generation haven’t really had before”

The top part of Devonshire street was lined with tables creating the ‘street party’ effect, as crowds made their way around the stalls and entertainment the good weather even made an appearance much to the delight of everybody soaking up the atmosphere. 

“They’ve got the long table throughout the street which everyone can enjoy, Spending time with people you don’t normally get too…it brings a sense of community” Samantha explained.

The various stalls from independent Sheffield traders included the award winning Milestone pub and restaurant, and the cocktails were provided by a stall from the Wick at Both Ends bar. When ambling through the maze of stalls, you can’t help but be reminded of some foreign bazaar. With the smell of numerous culinary treats wafting through the air and quaint antique stalls capturing the attention of passersby.

The purpose of the day was clear, everywhere you looked flags and memorabilia decorated the street, with the regal theme continuing onto many of the stalls. Masks of ‘Kate’ and ‘Wills’ were worn by the cheerful public filling the Devonshire green area. Though Samantha missed the opportunity to celebrate at the heart of the atmosphere in her home town of London, she didn’t seem to upset by it.

“I feel proud to be British today, the way everybody has integrated themselves [at the street party] Sheffield’s pulled out all the stops I’ve really enjoyed myself”