Back in 2009 four students at Sheffield Hallam decided to get together and form a band now called ‘Seize the chair’. Playing together in their shared accommodation they soon realised the chemistry they had musically and began to write their own songs. A year and a half later they have a recording contract and a single currently being produced at the famous Abbey road studios. Seize the chair have definitely seized the moment.

Rowan Roberts from ‘Seize the chair’ full interview

Rowan Roberts began university as a shy art student in 2008. Though he bonded with his course mates immediately, he had moved in with friend from home Nick Chantler and his friends from his course. As an attempt to bond him, Nick and housemates Steve Mullins and James Freeman decided to jam together as they played and shared similar music taste.

“I met Nick, our singer from back home in Cheshire, and then the three lived together in Sheffield when I came to university so we all started knocking about together watching telly and having cups of tea…and we decided to form a band”

“We took our name from a game my mum and dad used to play called seize the chair, if you did it wrong you got no tea!”

Soon after, the jamming turned into performing in live venues including: The Harley, Forum and SOYO live. Their own garage sound soon became a firm favourite amongst the crowds.

“SOYO live was really good they showcase bands every Monday, they are really helpful”

The record contract came in early 2010 via ‘Two Pure’ when they were spotted at one of their live gigs. They were given the opportunity to record at Crystal ship studios just outside Sheffield city centre. Already ecstatic at the privilege, even better news followed when they were told their single once recorded was to be produced at the famous Abbey road studios.  The studio is not only known for its zebra crossing, but also for producing some of the biggest bands in the UK including The Beatles and Pink Floyd. 

“We are currently at a stage where were trying to develop as big a fan base as we can, Sheffield’s been very kind to us so far, everybody gets excited about seeing live music””

Though the members as individuals are from all over it was Sheffield that brought them together as a band. Rowan Roberts very much thinks of the band as a Sheffield born band because they were ‘made in Sheffield’.  Arctic Monkeys, Milburn, and The long blondes are some of the many brilliant bands Sheffield has produced.  The city itself is exuberates musical achievements, whether it is the opportunities through performing in live venues or the historical accomplishment. There is obviously something in the Yorkshire air as it seems Seize the chair are set to be added to list of success stories when their single is released in august.  Stay tuned!