Today’s headlines have been filled with images of the new Duchess of Cambridge doing her weekly shop at Waitrose.

Despite being surrounded by five bodyguards, onlookers say Kate Middleton showed no sign of snobbishness as she was checking prices and examining the fruit and veg – clearly keen on keeping herself and Wills in good health!

Kate Middleton doing a shop at Waitrose

In light of this, I started thinking about how little we students do food shops. Most of our cupboards are filled with pot noodles, chocolate and crisps. And we seem to spend our lives eating fast food cuisine.

The Telegraph are naming us “the unhealthiest yet,” so I decided to speak to a few Sheffield Hallam students to find out why we are so incapable of food shopping or cooking.

19 year old Design student, Claire Russell said “Because I have uni at different times of the day it makes it easier to just nip and get something from the local shop or Macdonalds.”

Claire tucks in to a banoffee waffle at T.G.I Friday in Meadowhall

Despite a single BigMac containing almost half of our daily saturated fat allowance, Claire says “I’m young and have a good metabolism. I’ll worry about what I eat when I’m older.”

20 year old Joanne Banes agrees with Claire. “I’ve come to university to have a good time as well as to learn, and cooking is just no fun. But if healthy food was put in front of me I’d definitely eat it.”

Joanne cancels out the calories with a tray of strawberries

Sam Joyce, a final year Health and Social student, disagrees with the claims that students can’t cook. “I always make my own meals and try to eat healthily where possible” he says.

Sam's cooking skills?

Sam regularly goes to the gym and talks about having a balanced lifestyle. “Everything in moderation” he says.

Replacing cookery classes with food technology in secondary schools has been criticised for limiting the practical skills that pupils are being taught.

Statistics show that four in ten British school children have never cooked, and with warnings of an increased risk of heart disease and weight gain is it time we students turned our eating habits around?